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Hole in the Wall

The walls that have separated worlds for all of time have started to crack. At first a few scattered people here and there would fall through a crack and end up in a completely alien world, but this event has started to occur more and more frequently, and there are rumors of entire cities disappearing…

Our Heroes

A dryad pulled to a different world than her tree, a gnoll who is the former right hand soldier of an evil tyrant, an undead drow wielding chaotic magic, an idiot orc, an eladrin possessing the power of the darkest arts, and a bunny. An evil bunny.

Tooze Godskill

Loot System

4th Edition is known for making characters depend very heavily on magic items to keep up with the things that they are fighting. As a result the DM has elected to allow players to pick their own item drops, by rolling using this system:

Loot system:
Roll a d6
1. Alyssa
2. AJ
3. Matt
4. Will
5. Greyson
6. Reroll

Roll a d8
1. Head item
2. Neck Item
3. Hand item
4. Arm item
5. Waist item
6. Feet item
7. Weapon/Implement
8. Armor/Shield

Roll a d4
1. One level below player
2. Level of player
3. One level above player
4. Two levels above player

Wondrous items, rings, and other things will be given out at DM’s discretion, otherwise the player can pick what the item is. If player is happy with that item they already have and do not want something else for that slot yet, they can give the roll to someone else.

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